LOCK N’ POP has conducted a controlled trial of pallets stabilised with a LOCK N’ POP system versus those stabilised with stretch wrap alone. Not unsurprisingly pallets stabilised with a LOCK N’ POP system are significantly more stable than others. Check out the video above or click here.

Users of LOCK N’ POP systems:

  • save money: less or no stretch wrap and other packaging materials;
  • reduce product damage; and
  • produce less plastic waste which must either be recycled or sent to landfill

Here’s an overview of what LOCK N’ POP products do, where they can be used and who are typical customers. LOCK N’ POP customers benefit in 3 ways:

  • they save money: no more stretch wrap or other pallet wrapping materials;
  • their palletised products are better protected in storage and transit; and
  • they are not giving their customers a plastic waste management headache.

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Ridley, a leading Canadian manufacturer of animal feed, has switched to LOCK N’ POP to save money and to reduce transit damage. The results have been spectacular and have been written up as a case study in Powder Bulk Solids magazine. Click here to go to the article.

The article also quotes the results of an independent study by Independent Ecology Consultants which confirms the savings that have been made: not just saving money but also reducing life time energy consumption dramatically.

It does what it says on the can! LOCK N’ POP systems enable customers to cut stretchwrap costs, to protect their pallet loads better and to reduce plastic waste.

LOCK N’ POP, The US supplier of alternative pallet stabilisation systems has introduced a new gun. This gun complements LOCK N’ POP’s range and is available with tip sizes from 0.1 to 0.3mm. Continue Reading »

Tomorrow (1 Sep 11) Gransden will have moved its offices to Vision Park in Histon near Cambridge.

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Our new telephone number is  01223 257899. email contact information is unchanged. Please use contact@gransden.org.uk. Continue Reading »

The Cadbury Purple Goes Green initiative launched in July 2007 sets a vision for the company to tackle climate change.  It intends to shrink its global environmental footprint by cutting its energy use, reducing excess packaging and managing its water use. Click here for more information. Continue Reading »