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Gransdens Lock N Pop continues to offer a solution for plastic packaging reduction. With new installations in the drinks, food and industrial sectors during 2017 and 2018, Gransden has helped reduce plastic usage whilst improving pallet stabilisation.

“Typically companies are finding that they can achieve their objective of reducing plastic packaging with Lock N Pop, AND, reduce operational costs at the same time. Less cost and less plastic is the win:win our customers need”  Duncan Potter – Director Gransden UK Ltd.


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Customers continue to benefit from the cost saving benefits of Lock N Pop pallet stabilisation adhesive. A further year of double digit sales growth has been driven by the significant savings made in operating costs at some of the UKs leading beverage and industrial production facilities following their adoption of the Lock N Pop pallet stabilisation technology.

As customers seek to find innovative solutions to their distribution processes, Lock N Pop yet again proves that financial, environmental and operational cost savings can be made with Gransdens solutions.

Managing Director Duncan Potter states “It is no surprise to see Gransdens revenues rise as we continue to focus on giving existing and new customers a way to reduce costs and improve operating profit with the unique benefits of LOCK N POP. 2015 offers us a further chance to build on the success of 2014 and to introduce LOCK N POP to new market sectors within UK manufacturing”

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