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Here’s an overview of what LOCK N’ POP products do, where they can be used and who are typical customers. LOCK N’ POP customers benefit in 3 ways:

  • they save money: no more stretch wrap or other pallet wrapping materials;
  • their palletised products are better protected in storage and transit; and
  • they are not giving their customers a plastic waste management headache.

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Lush, the Dorset based manufacturer and retailer of natural cosmetics (www.lush.co.uk), has chosen to use LOCK N’ POP pallet stabilisation products so that it can reduce its use of plastic packaging. (more…)

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LOCK N’ POP has once again been invited to attend Wallmart’s Sustainable Packaging Expo. This Expo is an annual event and suppliers who attend have to be able to demonstrate their commitment to the 7Rs of sustainable packaging. (more…)

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