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W&H Marriages and Sons Ltd (www.marriagesmillers.co.uk) is a proud independent miller and has been producing flour since 1824. It operates from a site in Chelmsford where space is very much at a premium and it needs to stack pallets of bags of flour several layers high after production and before they are shipped to its customers.

Mill Manager, Phillip Bunn, wanted to ensure that Marriages’ pallets were stable in storage and transit so that its customers could be confident that every delivery would be 100% complete and undamaged. Stretch wrap alone did not seem to be sufficient so he approached Gransden Packaging Line Products (www.gransden.org) for advice.

Gransden is the exclusive UK distributor of Lock N’ Pop pallet stabilisation systems and recommended that Marriages install a two headed automatic in-line system. This system applies a controlled quantity of Lock N’ Pop adhesive to Marriages’ bags. This adhesive is water based and has a high shear but low tensile strength which fixes the pallet load for lateral movement but enables easy lifting of bags from the pallet.

Because of the unique formulation of the Lock N’Pop adhesive the bags themselves are undamaged when the bags are separated by the customer.

The Lock N’ Pop system has been running for over 6 months now and Phillip is delighted. He says: ‘I am really impressed by the stability of our pallets; customer feedback has been positive and we are seeing no damage to our product in transit to the customer.’

For more information contact:
Gransden: Duncan Potter
+44 7516 683 314

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LOCK N’ POP has conducted a controlled trial of pallets stabilised with a LOCK N’ POP system versus those stabilised with stretch wrap alone. Not unsurprisingly pallets stabilised with a LOCK N’ POP system are significantly more stable than others. Check out the video above or click here.

Users of LOCK N’ POP systems:

  • save money: less or no stretch wrap and other packaging materials;
  • reduce product damage; and
  • produce less plastic waste which must either be recycled or sent to landfill

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Here’s an overview of what LOCK N’ POP products do, where they can be used and who are typical customers. LOCK N’ POP customers benefit in 3 ways:

  • they save money: no more stretch wrap or other pallet wrapping materials;
  • their palletised products are better protected in storage and transit; and
  • they are not giving their customers a plastic waste management headache.

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